Starter Bundle

$ 115.00

Sit back and let nature’s best medicine work its magic with our Starter Bundle, formulated with the goodness of natural ingredients to take care of all your emotional and physical wellness needs. Add it to your daily wellness routine and experience the powers of CBD! The Starter Bundle includes:

2 x CBD Gummies: Tropical – made with Tapioca Syrup, these tasty treats are perfect for relieving the symptoms of stress and anxiety so that you can effortlessly tackle everyday stressors.

1 x Capsules: Immune Boost – loaded with CBD and CBG extracts, these one-a-day capsules realign your body’s natural systems to improve mental sharpness, focus, resilience, muscle function, sleep quality, mood, and immunity.

1 x CBD Oil: Pain Drops – a powerful blend of anti-inflammatory, pain-alleviating, soothing ingredients that enhance sleep quality, reduce stress, and help relieve chronic pain.

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