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Picking The Perfect Product

Getting started on your CBD life but can’t decide which product to order? We’ve taken the guesswork out of it all!

Picking the perfect product starts with one fundamental truth: you are one-of-a-kind. Your lifestyle, preferences, and habits are unique, which is why it’s important to select a product that is going to fit right into your wellness routine! We’ve created a simple guide to help you figure out what’s going to work for your specific wellness journey so that you can get the most out of our CBD products.


By Product Type


Want to sign up for the tastiest way to get your daily dose of CBD? Look no further than Begum C Gummies, available in a variety of mouth-watering flavors. Add them in your favorite treats or take them as is, these gummies are the perfect pick-me-up you need to get through the day.

Begum C Pain Relief Cream jar


If you’re looking for convenience, our CBD capsules are just what you need! They’re portable, easy to consume, and the perfect way to add CBD to your daily routine. From boosting immunity to elevating mood and providing relief from chronic pain, they’ve got the solution to every problem!

Begum C CBD Tropical Gummies box and sachet


So you like keeping things simple and don’t want to take capsules? We’ve got you! Check out our CBD oil and topicals, packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, and anti-inflammatory properties; the ideal cross between ease and effectiveness!

Begum C CBD Recovery Capsules


By Solution

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I Love Being Active

If fitness is your priority and you prefer spending your time exploring the great outdoors then choose from the following products based on your preferred administration method, for all your post-workout recovery needs:
Capsules: CBD Capsules: Isolate , Begum C Recovery Capsules
Oils: ReliefX®️ Pain Drops

I Need Some Sleep

Insomnia got you down? CBD can enhance your sleep quality by lowering levels of cortisol (the stress hormone)! Here are two fan-favorite products you can use to chase away sleepless nights:
Gummies: CBD Night Time Gummies
Capsules: Begum C – One A Day

Woman sleeping in bed at nighttime
Middle aged woman sitting on bed with back pain

I Experience Chronic Pain

Dealing with arthritis, joint, and neuropathic pain is never easy. But with our carefully formulated products, you will experience relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and the sense of calm that you desire. For pain-related concerns choose from:
Oils: ReliefX®️ Pain Drops
Topicals: ReliefX® Pain Cream

I Want To Relax

Struggling with stress and anxiety can take a toll on your everyday life and affect your mood, sleep, appetite, and performance. With these CBD products, you’ll find yourself focused, calm, centered, and mindful:
Capsules: Begum C Veggie Capsules
Gummies: CBD Gummies: Full Spectrum

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