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5 Effective Mindful Habits For Sleep

Getting proper sleep is one of the most underrated ways to maintain healthy metabolism and good mental health. A night of rest is often exchanged for productivity because we do not realize that a regular sleep cycle recharges and detoxifies our entire body! Therefore, it is essential to incorporate mindful habits for sleep in our daily routine as this lifestyle change is the only way to prevent mind and body burnout.

Begum C brings you five, effective mindfulness sleep exercises that will improve sleep quality and motivate you to regulate your sleep cycle.

1- Relax With Essential Oils

The use of aromatic essential oils is now becoming more popular with the spread of awareness about its highly efficient results when it comes to improving sleep. Research suggests that aromatherapy is a natural remedy that helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. It has sedative qualities, boosts immunity, and relieves muscle pain by slowing down your nervous system and reducing the startle reflex. Consequently, you are able to enjoy deep sleep at night!

2- Cultivate Mindful Rituals

One of the most important mindfulness sleep exercises is to cultivate mindful rituals that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

For example, avoid having food and drinks at least a couple of hours before bed. This is because your body is preparing itself for rest, causing metabolism to slow down. When you consume the food before sleeping, your body is unable to digest it properly, leading to indigestion, gastric problems, and insomnia.

Surprisingly, the same rule applies to water! We think that having plenty of water right before bed will improve sleep quality. However, having too much water can disrupt sleep as your bladder will force you to leave your bed every time your kidneys filter out waste material.

Hence, it is essential to have consistent and mindful rituals if you wish to improve sleep. So switch off your devices, dim the lights as you prepare your bed, indulge in soothing chamomile tea, and immerse yourself in a book to rest your over-driven mind. If you’re looking for more rituals to incorporate into your bedtime routine, here’s how you can get better sleep.

3- Try Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation is one of the most popular mindfulness sleep exercises. It urges you to be fully aware of your body when you’re in a state of distress. During this type of meditation, you scan your body from head to toe and observe any muscular tension, knots, aches, and pains.

It is also one of the most effective and mindful habits for sleep because it relieves inflammation, fatigue, and insomnia so that you can rest with a lightened body and mind.

4- Learn to Belly Breathe

This is a great breathing exercise that connects your mind and body. Shift your focus to your diaphragm when you breathe and observe how your belly moves inwards and outwards. As you notice your body’s movement with each breath, you will notice how different parts of your body are uneasy, tense, and rigid due to stress and tension. In this way, belly breathing enables you to listen to your body, and focus on releasing tension!

5- Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a therapeutic technique that can be practiced in several ways and settings. It consists of focusing on mental images through sound to evoke certain sensations and feelings. When you close your eyes and follow the guided imagery, you delve deeper into yourself, allowing your other senses to dictate what you feel and see. This produces a calming effect that benefits your overall health and can improve sleep.

Although you can do this individually, with friends, or in a support group, it is better to start guided imagery with a professional. If you want to do it on your own use sound therapy and audio tracks that are available online.

Include these mindful habits for sleep in your lifestyle and watch your mental and physical health blossom! You will feel more organized, balanced, and productive because a regular sleep cycle helps you let go of worries and stress.

For more information on how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, visit our Wellness blog!

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