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10 Activities During COVID 19 To Boost Health

COVID 19 has brought fear, worry, stress, and anxiety into everyone’s life. Our social life has come to a standstill to escape the pandemic or contain it. On top of that, uncertainties about jobs, financial constraints, minimum social contact with family and friends, and the fear of loved ones contracting corona is constantly lurking at the back of everyone’s mind. All of this can have a profound negative impact on mental health. Begum C is here to help you get through these trying times! We have prepared a list of activities to bolster mental fitness during the pandemic. It has been recommended by experts that people practice these mental fitness activities during COVID 19 to cope with loneliness, depression, fear, stress, anxiety, and other related mental health issues.

We, at Begum C, hope that these guidelines will prove valuable to you and your loved ones.

Have a Routine

This is one of the easiest mental fitness activities during COVID 19 to maintain your emotional well-being. With the arrival of the COVID 19, pandemic everyone’s daily life has come to a halt or changed drastically. However, keeping up the semblance of a daily routine, whether you are going out or not, can help you maintain your mental fitness to some extent. It will be of great help if you don’t give up on your daily routine and maintain it as much as possible.

For example, go to bed and rise at the same time everyday, pay attention to your personal hygiene, get ready, and do your makeup, and if you are working from home, schedule a time for it. You must keep a feeling of normalcy.

Cut Down on COVID 19 News

It will be worth your while if you try to reduce the time you spend watching, reading, or listening to news related to COVID 19. News containing details of sufferings, deaths, and helplessness at the hands of the coronavirus can be detrimental to your mental fitness. It will only make you upset and more anxious.

Maintain Social Contact

Social distancing is an essential requirement nowadays if you want to stay safe from COVID 19. But this does not mean that you have to completely cut off from your friends and family. Staying in touch with others is more important in these tough times than ever before as you need reassurance, advice, and sympathetic ears to air your fears and worries.

Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now stay connected to your loved ones while maintaining the required distance. This is one of the most important mental fitness activities during COVID 19 that everyone should practice! So reach out to your friends and family members through phone, video chatting, or any other social channels available. It can help relieve stress and anxiety and boost your morale.

Get Your Vital ZZzz’s

Getting 7-9 hours of undisturbed sleep is essential, especially now when you are surrounded by uncertainties and a fear of the unknown. Chronic sleep deprivation can increase cortisol and adrenaline. This can weaken your immune system, activate inflammation, and result in increased stress levels which are certainly not good for your mental fitness and physical health.

Eat Nutritious Food

A balanced diet containing an adequate amount of necessary nutrients is essential during the pandemic because a strong immune system is required to combat COVID 19. But did you know that this is one of the most underrated mental fitness activities during COVID 19 that takes care of both the body and the mind?

However, limited access to fresh vegetables, fruits, and other eatables may lead to higher consumption of processed food and snacks loaded with sugar, fats, and salt. Depression and stress might lead to binge eating. Therefore, care should be taken to eat as much of a balanced, nutrient diet as possible. If fresh fruits and vegetables are not available go for frozen ones. They can be used over a longer period of time and often possess the same nutrients as the fresh product. Taking supplements can also help!


Meditation is a mindfulness technique that is highly effective to calm your tense nerves. Studies on meditation have shown improvements in the levels of anxiety, depression, stress, and pain. Regular meditation practice can be beneficial to support your mental fitness because during this activity endorphins, the happy hormones, are released. If you’re new to meditation and don’t know how to get started, check out these 5 Meditation Techniques for Beginners and incorporate them into your daily routine!


This is one of the simplest mental fitness activities during COVID 19 that everyone should be practicing. The very first step to take, when you are gripped in the hands of fear and anxiety, is to calm down your nerves. This can be successfully done by taking deep breaths.

Each morning take out five minutes of your time to take deep breaths. Inhale deeply through the nose for the count of five, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale through the mouth for the count of five. Soon you will notice tension leaving your system and your nerves settling down.

Take a Break

Too much stress leads to frustration and irritation. Chronic stress and depression can affect mental fitness by making you lethargic and less productive over a period of time. Regular breaks from your daily tasks can help you relax and refresh. Listen to music, go for a walk, or read your favorite book – do whatever pleases you! You can then go back to your chores with renewed energy.

Organize Your Mind

It is not surprising at all if you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted at a time of stress and anxiety. But prolonged anxiety is not good for your mind or life. Important decisions and actions can often slip through the cracks and cause you, even more, stress and irritation.

Manage a to-do list and write down all your daily or weekly tasks so that you can prioritize your activities and don’t miss anything important. This way you can plan and carry out your tasks more efficiently!

Go Out in Nature

Sunshine and fresh air can be very soothing for your nerves. Even a short walk around your neighborhood or in a nearby park can do a lot of good for your mental fitness. Be sure to wear a mask and keep the required distance from people during your walk.

One thing you have to remind yourself is that no matter how hopeless or helpless you feel, there are options that you can look into to better deal with the uncontrollable and unpredictable situation we all are facing these days. These mental fitness activities during COVID 19 are to help you build mental resilience to cope with stress, fear, uncertainties and get through this pandemic so that you can escape with your mental and physical health undamaged.

If you have found the above guidelines helpful and want to get more information on how to survive this pandemic, browse our Wellness blog.

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