Does CBD Expire?

The shelf life of CBD oil and its products depends on a number of factors, from the key ingredients and quality to the way you store it. Understanding these factors can assist you in choosing the right CBD product that will last a long time.

Every supplement has a shelf life, and CBD oil is no exception. But the most frequently asked question includes how long it lasts and what impacts its shelf life? Generally, CBD oil lasts for almost 12 to 18 months but it can go bad sooner as well. If you use a few drops of the oil daily, a bottle can last you for months on end. If you are worried about how can you make it through the whole bottle before it gets expired, here’s what you need to consider:

Quality of the product:

Quality is the main reason that determines the shelf life of the product. A high-quality product will last longer than the cheaper alternatives. When talking about quality, it comes down to the reasons like the quality of the plant, the growing environment, and other ingredients that have been used in addition to CBD.


Ingredients used to formulate CBD products matter a lot as all of them altogether determine the longevity of the product. Ingredients such as flavoring in the CBD have a shelf life of their own as well so it is very important to look at the COA or certificate of analysis before buying.

Process of extraction:

The gold standard method used in the extraction of CBD is the carbon dioxide method. It produces the maximum level of CBD when extracted from the plants. Along with that, it makes the compound more stable and increases its shelf life.


The CBD oil is stored in amber-colored containers mostly. Such packaging, although looks amazing, is not just for looks. Airtight and dark-colored jars and bottles are used to store it as it protects the oil from direct sunlight and air exposure.


Exposure to direct heat and light can speed up the degradation process of CBD oil. If kept in ideal conditions, CBD can stay fresh and keep its potency for a longer period.

What if you took expired CBD oil accidentally?

Expired CBD oil will do pretty much nothing or you can say it is useless. If you took it by accident then no need to worry, it won’t make you sick or cause serious side effects. It is just that after the expiration date, CBD oil will lose its potency and effectiveness. Moreover, the important thing to note is that expired CBD will not give you any therapeutic effects or enhance your well-being in any way whatsoever.


CBD oil can go bad if not stored properly or kept for more than two years. At Begum C, we make sure that the packaging tinctures for CBD oil are dark-colored bottles to protect it from direct heat and sunlight. Along with that, bottles are packaged and stored under ideal conditions that keep the product safe to use for the longest time possible. High-quality ingredients are used from our side in all our formulations that further add to the stability, making the likelihood of early expiration very slim. To keep CBD oil safe you must also use a clean dropper to avoid bacteria from entering the bottle along with avoiding contaminations. We recommend that you keep the oil in its original packaging in a cool and dry place. It will increase its lifespan, giving you a bang for your buck.

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