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Sleep Myths – Busted!

Crawling into bed and hitting the day after a long, tiresome day is something that we look forward to. But unfortunately, that’s not the case with everyone. Almost one-third of Americans struggle with sleep and sleep-related disorders as reported by the National Sleep Foundation. 

The main culprit behind sleep deprivation and disturbed sleep is the mistaken beliefs and common sleep myths around it that make the situation even worse. But don’t fret, we at Begum C, are here to set some of the most common myths about sleep straight to help you separate facts from fiction. 

Want to sleep better? Here are some sleep myths and facts, just for you: 

Myth # 1: Sleeping 8 Hours of Sleep per Night Is Key. 

The amount of sleep needed per night for each individual is unique. While some of us work at our optimal with 7-9 hours of sleep each night, others can get by with merely 3-4 hours of sleep, and some might even need at least 10 hours every night. While this is one of the most common sleep myths, the truth is that sleep quality is of the essence here rather than quantity. This can be done by slightly restricting your time in bed so that your sleep drive is heightened when you finally get in bed. So, not getting 8 hours of sleep every day is not a problem as long as your sleep quality is up to the mark. 

Myth # 2: Staying in Bed Is a Good Idea if You’re Unable to Sleep.

While this myth about sleep is quite common and may seem counter-productive, the best thing to do if you wake up during the night and can’t fall back asleep is that you get out of bed immediately. This works because the brain would not associate your bed with wakefulness and you’ll get tired and sleepy sooner than later. So if you’re tossing and turning in bed for over 20 minutes without any luck with sleep, jumping out of bed and reading a book or listening to relaxing music is a good idea.

Myth # 3: I Can Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend. 

Although missing an hour or so of sleep here and there can be made up for later, according to Dr. Reddy, a sleep medicine specialist, being chronically sleep-deprived and then logging a sleep marathon on the weekend is not going to work. It might leave you feeling worse than before! Since many people try to be weekend warriors, it is essential to separate sleep myths and facts so that you are not compromising on your health. The human body works best with a consistent sleep pattern and is one of the best ways to regulate sleep cycles as well. 

Myth # 4: As You Age, Your Sleep Requirements Decrease. 

We often hear this common sleep myth, but there’s barely any truth to it. All adults, no matter their age, need a good 7-9 hours of sleep to stay healthy and function at their best. However, sleep patterns tend to change due to additional health issues as we age, which explains why older adults have fragmented sleep, wake up frequently during the night, and have decreased sleep duration on the whole. 

Myths # 5: Getting in Bed Before Bedtime Prepares You to Sleep. 

Hanging out in bed after a long day to unwind seems like a good idea. But spending tons of time doing activities like watching tv, reading, and scrolling through your phone is not a good idea. While sleep myths may suggest otherwise, adopting this habit can associate non-sleeping activities with bed, making it harder to fall asleep in general. 

Sleep Better with Begum C

Addressing and weeding out sleep myths and facts is crucial to differentiate sleeping habits that actually work from practices that make sleeping all the more worse. While it’s important to keep yourself informed and formulating a healthy bedtime routine does wonders, sometimes a little extra support is all that is needed. 
Begum C aims to bring health to your doorstep by leveraging the power of CBD. For light sleepers, people with fragmented sleep, and those who struggle to get the rest they need, Nighttime Gummies are a perfect way to get a daily dose of hemp and melatonin wrapped in convenience without the hassle. Have you tried it yet?

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