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CBD Does Not Cause Intoxication, Here’s Why

If you are one of the many adults that suffer from anxiety disorders in the United States, there’s a pretty good chance that you have heard a lot about CBD and the benefits that it brings to the table. Therefore, you may also have been curious to find out what the hype is all about and whether or not they will help you relax. Today, there are numerous brands in the market that offer CBD gummies and tinctures which are marketed for anxiety and pain relief.

Are you someone who is often run down after work? Do you find it hard to manage multiple tasks (read kids) at a time without feeling fatigued? Have you been secretly dreaming of trying out CBD products but the question of intoxication gets the way? Well, this article is here to clear the air.

Spilling the Tea on CBD and THC

Produced by the C. sativa plant, CBD is one of the most well-known cannabinoids. It is one component among almost five hundred components of the cannabis plant. Another major compound found in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol or simply THC. This is the part that is responsible for igniting an altered state or the psychoactive effects like euphoria, feeling of ecstasy, or heightened sensory perception that we consider a ‘high’.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a ‘psychoactive’ element as any substance that affects the mental process and cognitive ability. Keeping in line with this definition, CBD cannot be considered a psychoactive and that makes it a non-intoxicating compound.

CBD and THC are present in the cannabis plant but in varied quantities. While some varieties contain higher amounts of THC and lower amounts of CBD, hemp on the contrary is a non-intoxicating variety.

Why Is There a Confusion That CBD Can Lead  To Intoxication?

CBD and THC both occur naturally in the cannabis plant. CBD can, however, be isolated from the THC compound and the cannabis plant. This means that it is possible for CBD products to be made by infusing CBD into tinctures, oils and edibles without the high-inducing THC.

Even then, people confuse CBD to have the same effects as THC just because they have the same source i.e. the same plant. However, it is to be kept in mind that CBD alone does not cause intoxication and thus will not cause a ‘high’.

Will CBD Oil Get Me High? 

After CBD is extracted from hemp or cannabis, it can be added to several products such as tinctures,lotions and oils. CBD oil is one of the most popular and desired CBD products that can be taken sublingually or can be added to drinks and food of choice.

These products are used as a natural way to calm anxiety and manage stress. Research has found that CBD can be used to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression without causing intoxication and steering clear of the ‘high’ effect.

Is Halal CBD a Thing?

THC, the intoxicating part, is considered haram. On the contrary, CBD or halal CBD stays in the clear as it has no mind altering or psychoactive effects. Because of this, CBD is considered safe to use for those concerned about it’s status as haram or halal, as stated by Islam Q&A.

CBD and THC are in no way alike. CBD does not lead to intoxication and it certainly does not produce the same euphoric effect like that of cannabis or THC. So, if you are looking to start off your day with a dose of CBD or want to end a long, hectic day by popping a CBD gummy for a relaxing, restful sleep, the good news is you don’t have to worry about it not being halal or whether it’ll cause intoxication, because it will NOT. While halal CBD may not cure medical conditions, it is surely a helpful tool when it comes to leading a relaxed, worry-free life!

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