CBD for Menstrual Cramps and PMS

If you’re here, you know that CBD can help so many things, from anxiety to persistent muscle aches to attaining major health goals. But have you ever thought about CBD for menstrual cramps? If you are a person who menstruates or love someone who does, you know how intense they can be. Not surprisingly, CBD can prove to be an effective and natural option for dysmenorrhea! 

Science Behind CBD for Dysmenorrhea 

Before we talk about how CBD can help, let’s talk about why CBD can help with menstrual pains and aches! It all starts with the weird and cool scientific term prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are the fancy names of naturally occurring chemicals produced by our body at the site of tissue damage. They help the body fight injuries and control processes such as inflammation and blood flow. This means that prostaglandins are directly involved in the process of removing and shedding unused blood tissue: also known as your period. 

CBD may be useful because one of its most commonly cited properties is its anti-inflammatory effect. In fact, studies have shown that CBD can inhibit the production of COX-2, an enzyme that catalyzes the production of prostaglandins. The gist of this study explains that CBD can produce these effects on the human body’s endocannabinoid system. 

Wondering what that is again? The endocannabinoid system is essentially a set of neurotransmitters that bind to what are called cannabinoid receptors. Two have been identified – CB1 and CB2 – and it turns out that phytocannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, can bind to these receptors, enhancing or strengthening effects within certain body functions such as memory, appetite, the immune system, metabolism, and many more.

How Begum C Can Help With CBD for Menstrual Cramps 

Whether struggling with mental anxiousness or physical aches, pains, and cramps that are all too common with PMS, CBD may be able to help. The antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are one of the most studied, with the abstract in this article stating: “CBD is non-psychoactive but exerts a number of beneficial pharmacological effects, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.” Begum C has several options when it comes to potentially using CBD for menstrual cramps: topicals, gummies, and oils. 

CBD for Menstrual Cramps: Topicals 

Our CBD ReliefX® Pain Cream is a natural fit to potentially tackle period-related bodily aches and pains. Our Pain Cream offers better pain control than OTC pain meds. Lastly, whether you’re in excessive pain or dealing with low-level unpleasantness, the CBD Bath Bomb might be an ideal way to take some of the edge off. Treat yourself to a relaxing experience while also partaking in the benefits of CBD, providing soothing comfort alongside rich essential oils and botanicals to nourish your skin, too. 

CBD for Menstrual Cramps: Gummies 

The Tropical CBD Gummies can potentially help manage stress from PMS by promoting a calm sense of wellbeing. Furthermore, another problem that CBD may be able to help that the person menstruating experiences are sleep problems. According to the Sleep Foundation, women with PMS are at least twice as likely to have insomnia before and during their period. The PMS can also tinker with your sleep schedule, resulting in a nap all day and, of course, struggling to fall asleep that night and stay asleep. Our CBD Night Gummies can do just that with 10 mg of all-natural hemp-derived CBD and 5 mg of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that is closely associated with the regulation of the sleep and wake cycle. 

CBD for Menstrual Cramps: Oil 

If you prefer your CBD in the form of oil, whether under the tongue or with food, the fastest and most effective delivery method is CBD oil. Our classic CBD Pain Drops have a mild flavor, that is a powerful blend of pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and calming ingredients.

Moving Forward

While all the old school ways to relieve pain such as sipping on tea, hot water bottle compress, or fulfilling your chocolate cravings are here to bring you ease, consider the role of CBD the next time you experience these horrifying sensations (headache, cramps, bloating, UGH) as an all-natural alternative that may relieve period related stress, anxiety, and aches! 

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