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Coffee and CBD: The Perfect Combo?

You can’t go a day without coffee and you’ve heard of CBD too. But CBD and coffee together? Well, that caught our attention too!

The dynamic CBD and coffee duo is stealing the spotlight and is progressively becoming more popular. Despite all the hype, there isn’t enough information about it out there but we’re here to spill what we know so far.

CBD and Coffee

Coffee is a daily essential for most people that has been used by millions around the world for a very long time. Used essentially for its energizing effects and rich flavor, coffee, in all its forms, is consumed by the masses. On the other hand, CBD is a botanical star that has proven to be very popular over the years. Originating from the cannabis plant, and used in many ways to strengthen people’s lives and improve their overall well-being, CBD has made its way into the world of wellness.

With that being said, according to research 64% of American adults currently consume coffee every day. In a region where the amount of coffee consumed is that high, it’s no wonder that we run on caffeine and anxiety. But what if we told you that you could mitigate the anxiety and jitters that come with coffee consumption? That’s right!

CBD coffee could be just the ticket to calming those nerves while still getting the energy you need to get through the day.

CBD and Coffee Benefits

In a way, coffee and CBD bring about similar effects. They help elevate the mood, provide a kick of energy, have a rich aroma, and are an essential part of the day thanks to the many benefits that they bring to the table.

  • Alertness Without Nervousness

Do you know that the most common CBD and coffee benefit which people cite from taking CBD coffee in their daily routine is that they feel refreshed and energized instantly? Coffee on the other hand brings along jitters but thanks to CBD coffee, both things work in great synergy as CBD counteracts the negative effects of consuming caffeine. The result? An active, stress-free you!

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Caffeine tends to increase feelings of anxiousness in people who are sensitive, but another CBD and coffee benefit is that those side effects can be combated by consuming hemp-infused coffee, which works to lower stress and helps manage it better by increasing the levels of serotonin, the happy hormone. If you want to feel light, bid farewell to anxiety and stress, all while improving your mood then CBD coffee is the one for you!

  • Antioxidant Overload

Did you know another characteristic that is mutual to both coffee and CBD is that they are both packed with antioxidants? These antioxidants play an active role in the wellness of our bodies. It also shields the body against cell damage caused by toxins and neutralizes the harmful and detrimental radicals in the bloodstream. The result? A healthier you, every day.

Is it safe? 

Our coffee is formulated in a way that allows the user to receive many if not all the benefits of hemp oil. Consuming CBD has shown proven results in helping with anxiety, stress, insomnia, inflammation, and much more. However, it is to be noted that the quality of the product being used has a major influence on how it affects your body.

A question that arises in this domain is whether CBD, a natural relaxant, is safe to be consumed when mixed with a stimulant such as caffeine? According to a recent study by The Journal of Internal Medicine, coffee and CBD when used together activate the same parts of the brain as neurotransmitters in the ECS. The result is a calm, alert, and focused you without any of the harsh side effects.

Try our Premium CBD Coffee Today

Premium CBD Coffee offers a way to enjoy the intoxicating effects of the popular beverage and helps you to relieve nervousness. It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure drink that’s good at combating depression and anxiety. With robust and rich flavors, CBD coffee is the perfect start to the morning that provides a quick fix of high-quality CBD and coffee to keep you ticking all day.

Kindly note that everyone’s journey with CBD is different, so experimenting with different product types and dosage is the best way to learn what works best for you.

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