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5 Reasons Why a CBD Soak Is the Best Way To Destress

Whether taking a bath to cleanse, wash the day off, unwind, ease stiff muscles or simply promote a good night’s sleep – you know all about the power of a good soak. But if you thought you’ve broken the code to the most relaxing bath ever, think again! We’re all hearing about the benefits of CBD for the body. But did you know that it’s possible to make the most out of CBD while taking a bath too? CBD bath bombs are all the rage this season and we are swooning over them!

If you’re a CBD newbie who is skeptical about trying it out, a CBD bath bomb might be just the place to start. CBD bath bomb benefits range from stress relief to muscle restoration to promoting a sense of calm and whatnot. A new buzz product in the wellness world, it is yet another way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs 

CBD bath bombs are synonymous with taking a much-needed vacation. Made with Epsom salt, essential oils, and all things relaxing, destress with CBD this season! Why is a CBD soak the best way to destress? Read on to find out.

Relaxing the Muscles

Stress tends to find a way of showing up. Whether it’s strained eyes, muscle soreness, or tightness in the neck and shoulders, destressing with CBD can be the answer to it all. While regular bath bombs are effective too when it comes to a pampering session, CBD bath bombs have an additional benefit – they’re excellent for relaxing the muscles too. Feel the tension fizzle away as those Epsom salts meet warm water! CBD Bath bombs with essential oils such as lavender oil and eucalyptus oil work best if you’re looking for muscle relaxation.

Nourished Skin

Do you know which bath bombs are considered the best? The ones that contain high-quality CBD. CBD oil is known to nourish the skin while making it soft and supple. It also makes the skin appear radiant. The benefits of CBD for the skin are far too many. From antioxidant properties to being inflammatory to reversing the signs of aging – CBD bath bombs are a sure shot way for a youthful, radiant you.

Destress With CBD

Are you ready for your worries to fizz away? CBD bath bombs are a perfect way to do that! A warm, fuzzy bath is all that is needed to wash away those worries. Take time out for yourself, draw yourself a warm, CBD-infused bath and bid those stressful thoughts farewell. Your body will thank you for it! Destressing with CBD is now only a CBD bath bomb away! Taken right before bed, it is known to lower stress and help you sleep better too. What more does one want?

Relieve Pain

Back pain, aching joints, headaches, or muscular cramps. There’s only one answer – CBD bath bombs! Heaven-sent for pain relief, CBD bath bomb benefits also include pain relief. With soothing, cooling, and anti-inflammatory properties, all thanks to essential oils, CBD bath bombs are a great way to ease body aches.

Mental Clarity

Besides the benefits of a CBD bath soak mentioned already, CBD acts as an effective tool to provide mental clarity. It helps in thinking more clearly and has a positive effect on the overall well-being. Endocannabinoid system in the body is responsible for regulating the mood and emotions. CBD has a positive effect on that and might also help boost the serotonin levels!

Begum C CBD Bath Bombs

We at Begum C are driven to assist you on your journey to wellness. From de-stressing with CBD to relieving pain and relaxing the muscles, our CBD bath bombs are created to rejuvenate the mind and the body. They contain eucalyptus and lavender oil that are known for their therapeutic effects combined with cannabinoids to make your relaxing baths even more relaxing. Add the bath bomb to warm water and enjoy an indulgent bath to take your ‘me’ time up a notch.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CBD, browse the Begum C Wellness blog.

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