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Everything You Need To Know About CBD and Fasting

Fasting has always been a part of our culture. For most, it is due to its religious aspect, while others opt for it as a means to stay fit and to cultivate the benefits that it brings to the table. Whatever the situation might be, we have not been eating as long as we have been eating. While it is by no means a new phenomenon, CBD and fasting together have opened up a new domain entirely.

What Is Fasting? 

For millennia, people belonging to various cultures have curbed their diet for religious, spiritual, or health related reasons. Fasting basically means limiting your food intake and denying your body its physical need for food. When talking in terms of new research conducted in the domain of health and wellness, the benefits of fasting cannot be overlooked. It is considered an excellent way to lose weight, restore the body, and assist in fitness.

Intermittent Fasting 

Leaning more towards being a lifestyle, intermittent fasting involves cycling in and out of eating and not eating windows. It is a lifestyle choice that is gaining limelight and is a popular way to stay in shape while reaping multiple other health benefits too. All it requires is that you spend around 16 hours without eating, and have free rein over whatever you want to eat in your open slot.

Benefits of CBD and Fasting 

Intermittent fasting and CBD oil together make a powerful combination. While fasting itself brings myriad benefits for the human body, CBD assists the fasting process, according to CBD Clinicals. CBD and fasting work in excellent harmony and benefit the body in the following way.

  • Munchies no more. Unlike THC, CBD does not increase hunger. People often resort to snacking when they are bored; CBD works best for such people as it keeps the brain focused and relaxed, leading to less snacking. It keeps the munchies at bay and helps curb emotional eating as well.
  • Improved metabolism. CBD has been found to be a beneficial supplement for those fasting as it helps regulate metabolism. The synergy between the two helps amplify the benefits by promoting healthy metabolism as it turns white fat into brown fat.
  • Fights inflammation. Both CBD and fasting tend to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This makes it a beneficial combo for those looking to find relief from heart disease, stroke, and other inflammation-related disorders.
  • Calming effects. A significant benefit of combining intermittent fasting and CBD oil is its purported calming effects. Both practices, when used in conjunction, have neuroprotective properties that lead to the protection of old brain cells and the production of new ones as well. It’s time to bid your worries goodbye!
  • Curbs appetite. CBD tends to inhibit ghrelin, a receptor in the brain, which is known to stimulate appetite. By doing so, CBD makes fasting a lot more easier and effortless. It can potentially make it easier to stick to your fasting schedule. Who knew, right?

The Takeaway

CBD and fasting is a new domain of study. Whether you’re fasting to keep fit or doing it as a religious practice – CBD and fasting when practiced together won’t disappoint you! Supplementing CBD while fasting helps maximize its benefits. It has a positive effect on our metabolism, and the endocannabinoid system, resulting in a balanced immune system. It also leads to improved cardiovascular health, lower inflammation, and an enhanced sense of calm.

By educating oneself about the use and benefits of CBD and fasting along with a little discipline, you can cultivate fruitful health benefits of both. However, it is advised that you always conduct your research and use due diligence when choosing your CBD brand of choice. Shop halal CBD and make fasting easy breezy this year!

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