Here’s Why One-Third Chiropractors Recommend CBD

Millions of Americans suffer from a number of medical conditions that cause chronic pain and affect their daily lives. 

Conditions like back pain, musculoskeletal problems, and joint pain are responsible for the fact that millions of people are unable to work or enjoy some of the simple joys in life every day. Chiropractic practice has long been one of the most effective treatments for a wide range of these discomfort-causing conditions. 

Chiropractors take different approaches when it comes to treating a person’s health problems. However, some patients respond better to certain treatments than others, so it is often a matter of trying different treatments and seeing what works best. 

A relatively new form of natural remedy that is proving to be very effective for some patients is the use of CBD oil. Here is everything you need to know about this “alternative medicine” and how it can assist with chiropractic treatment: 

CBD & Chiropractic Practice

There are a variety of treatment options and routes that a chiropractor can take. Everyone is unique and so respond differently to the type of pain experienced, specific injuries, and course of treatment. 

CBD and Chiropractic treatment has gained popularity over the past few years. If you are new to the world of CBD, it is one of over 100 compounds (called cannabinoids) that are extracted from the cannabis plant. The human body has an endocannabinoid system called the “ECS”. This system receives signals from cannabinoids. It also produces cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids. This system regulates important functions related to pain, inflammation, and even the immune system. Simply put, this means that CBD cannabinoids can affect the way our brain processes pain signals. And that is exactly how it works when used in conjunction with chiropractic practice. 

CBD has exceptional inflammation-relieving properties. Currently, the FDA does not regulate the safety and purity of dietary supplements, regardless CBD is gaining importance as a tool for pain management. Many promising studies and doctors have proved the benefits of CBD for pain as well! 

Proven Benefits of Using CBD Oil to Aid Chiropractic Treatment 

One of the most recent reports published on the National Institutes of Health website of the US National Library of Medicine about CBD and Chiropractic Treatment in April  2020 concluded; 

“CBD provides a way to treat persistent chronic pain for which primary treatments are insufficient or impossible.” 

This means that CBD offers some benefits that conventional treatments cannot achieve. In some cases, patients respond more positively to CBD compared to an alternative treatment. Let’s take a closer look at how CBD for pain can work out for you: 

  • Chronic pain. Chronic pain can be difficult to control. Oftentimes, there is no obvious objective cause for the pain, making it difficult to identify the source. Cannabinoids in CBD can target glycine receptors in the body, as suggested by a recent study. This is something that other forms of treatment fail at. The result? A reduction in pain levels for many patients, thanks to the combination of CBD and chiropractic treatment. 
  • Neuropathic pain. Nerve damage is a potential underlying cause of neuropathic pain. A 2017 study concluded that “selective cannabinoids offer little analgesic benefit in patients with chronic neuropathic pain.” So, if you are currently suffering from neuropathic pain and are not satisfied with your treatment, try sharing the possibility of using CBD and chiropractic treatment with your physician. 
  • Arthritis Pain. There have been many studies examining the effects of CBD in lowering pain associated with arthritis and using CBD as a tool for pain management. Medical News Today has cited several studies and concluded: “CBD oil may be an effective approach to treating arthritis pain.” 

What Types of CBD Should I Use? 

CBD works by offering multiple benefits to the body, but choosing the right product for yourself is key. There is a wide spectrum of oils and other topical products available, so deciding how to incorporate CBD into your regimen can be quite confusing. 

Though the popularity of CBD products is increasing with time, more research is required to prove their effectiveness for other ailments. If you are considering taking CBD for pain, discuss the use of new products with your chiropractor, as he/she may recommend a treatment plan based on your health. Begum C offers CBD products derived from 100% organic, USA-grown hemp. Our products are lab tested and have great reviews! Browse our collection here.

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