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How To Start a Bedtime Routine For a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you feel like it has been a while since you had a restful sleep?

When our days become hectic and demanding, it is difficult to drift into a deep sleep without constantly shifting and shuffling in bed. As we juggle things during the day, we often take all the stress, unresolved conflicts, and anxieties with us to bed which adversely affects our quality of sleep. Therefore, it is vital to develop a bedtime routine that will help you break this vicious cycle.

Begum C is here to the rescue! Here are a few easy steps that you can add to your bedtime routine to rejuvenate yourself and start your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

12 Steps For the Perfect Bedtime Routine

1- Declutter the Mess

Start the day by decluttering the mess around you! Research has proven that keeping a clean environment is key to a healthy lifestyle as it not only boosts productivity but also gives you the energy to organize your thoughts. So make a to-do list for the next day, keep your outfits ready, and pack your stuff before tucking yourself in bed; this will keep your anxious thoughts at bay and help you focus on your emotional health!

2- Be Conscious About Your Sleep Time

The next step in this mission to start a healthy bedtime routine is to be conscious of your sleep time. This means setting an alarm so that you’re aware of your sleep schedule and can accurately tell how much time is left for you to have a restful sleep. It is a great tactic to slide into the sleeping zone as it conditions your brain into regularly falling asleep at the same time.

3- Pick Up Your Pens

Now that you are all set for tomorrow, it is a great idea to pen down your thoughts — you can write in a gratitude journal, reflect on your day, or express any thoughts that your mind lingers on. The act of writing things down and letting them speak to you is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle as it gives your mind a much-needed break and also helps in getting rid of anxieties that keep you awake. Furthermore, writing in a journal is known to be therapeutic as it is a highly effective way to externalize your inner turmoil and achieve catharsis.

4- One Step At a Time

Walking is a simple exercise that helps you to focus your energy on the present and visualize things in steps instead of getting overwhelmed with the big picture. Sometimes strolling can be a great way to ease your mind as it helps in slowing things down.

So don’t hesitate to take one step at a time, and disconnect from the chaos around you. This step cements the importance of physical activity for a good bedtime routine and a healthy lifestyle.

5- Stretch It Out

Allow your body to ease and relax by doing little stretching exercises to get rid of muscular pains and tension. Maintaining the right balance between mind and body is essential for a successful bedtime routine and healthy lifestyle.

6- Put Away the Screens

Put away your phone, laptop, and any other screens to prepare yourself to sleep. It is a great way to break away from the hustle-bustle and move into a zone where you are prepared to make time for yourself. It further disengages you from the overwhelming flow of information that exhausts you and brings your day to an end.

7- Creating the Right Mood

Dimming the lights will further help you in creating a relaxing ambiance, telling your body that it is time to snooze. Doing this day in and day out will condition your mind to associate dimmed lights with sleep; as a result, it’ll prompt you to start your bedtime routine and you’ll be able to fall asleep as soon as you create the right atmosphere.

8- Flawless Skin = Restful Sleep

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It shows that you have taken time out of your busy day to spend some on yourself. Also, it helps you step away from all things external and focus on pampering your body and skin. It is also a great way to treat yourself to some love and care after a rigorous day.

Besides, who doesn’t like snuggling into bed after a warm shower? Washing your body and skin sweeps away any residual stress and prepares you for a night of good, restful sleep. Trust us, a proper body and skincare routine could be your savior on those long, sleepless nights!

9- The Right Kind of Drinks

Any intake of caffeine should be avoided as it interferes with your sleep cycle by making you anxious, hyperactive, and jittery. However, chamomile tea is a good alternative to caffeinated beverages; it is light and helps you doze off into a deep sleep. This soothes your mind, boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation, and helps you relax.

10- Pick Up A Book

Read a page or two from your favorite book to escape from this world and dwell in your imagination. It is a great way to pull back from your anxious thoughts and let your mind take off. Although it may seem like reading requires an immense amount of focus, the truth is that if you are tired, a book is a great way to help you sleep as it further slows down your thoughts. Besides reading is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle because it helps you engage and interact with the rest of the world and thousands of different ideas from your comfort zone.

11- Try Sound Therapy

If you don’t feel ready to sleep yet, you can lay in bed and listen to calming music. This is known to improve sleep quality by gently nudging you towards sleep mode. Moreover, you can listen to soothing podcasts or practice sound therapy using online resources like guided imagery or audio meditations and allow your body to respond to the soothing sounds by slowing down your thoughts.

12- Meditation

Meditation is key to a healthy lifestyle! Including it in your bedtime routine will allow you to break from reality and get into a headspace where you can distance yourself from mental clutter and focus on one thing at a time. Meditation before bedtime helps you to collect your thoughts and brings your attention to the present.

Don’t know how to get into the habit of meditation? Check out this complete guide on how to practice meditation daily!

If none of these steps come in handy and you still feel restless, consider consulting your general physician to get professional help for your insomnia.

A bedtime routine will bring the balance in your life that you are striving for, and you will be surprised to find out just how good sleep will make your days even better than before!

For more tips on sleep, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle, visit our Wellness Blog!

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