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7 Ways to Beat the Heat During Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is upon us and so is the scorching sun. While this month is the month of fasting, blessings, repentance, and giving, the heat can potentially make it difficult to get through the day and may act as a barrier in praying as much as you may like. As the sweltering summer days continue with their usual severity, it is important to take precautions to beat the heat and keep cool.

Heat-ridden fatigue, headrush, dehydration, and pesky heat rashes are all signaling the advent of summer. Although it’s not possible to escape the sun, we have curated for you a list of tips and tricks to beat the heat and keep cool throughout Ramadan to save you from the heat.

Tips to Beat the Heat and Keep Cool This Ramadan 

Light, Airy Clothes

First things first, fight the sun and stay cool by wearing light cotton clothes. When it’s hot outside, wearing loose-fitted, light-colored clothing is a smart choice. This is because light-colored clothes will reflect light and give a cool and comfortable feel. Avoiding dark colors is advised as they absorb heat, making one feel the heat. Instead, opt for cotton clothes that breathe rather than synthetic ones.

Stay Hydrated

This probably goes without saying. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices to keep your energy up in the holy month of Ramadan. Hydration is key when it comes to beating the heat and staying cool. Drink as much water as you can from iftar till suhoor to make up for lost water. It will help fight dehydration and improve your overall health. It is advised that you avoid sugary drinks and limit your caffeine intake as well.

Avoid Salt and Spices

Spices and heavily seasoned foods absorb liquid from your body as you consume them. This means that when consumed, they leave your body even drier than before, which is not good for your digestive system. So make sure to avoid them during suhoor and instead go for options that are lightly seasoned!

Don’t Skip Suhoor

We cannot emphasize this enough – do not skip suhoor! This meal is perhaps the most essential meal during Ramadan as it is needed for maintaining energy levels and preventing tissue breakdown. It’s also a great way to re-energize and get through the long days of Ramadan while maintaining strength!

Eat Your Water Too

While loading up on fluids will do the trick as well, you can maximize your water intake by eating your water too. Confused? Here’s what we mean. A lot of water that we need can come from food. Opting for foods with high water content such as yogurt, fresh fruits, and vegetables can help restore the body’s water content and can act as a shield to beat the heat and keep cool this Ramadan.

Use the Power of CBD 

CBD gummies are jam-packed with nutrients, hemp, and deliciousness that can help curb your appetite while also staying active and relaxed. CBD and fasting together bring numerous benefits for the body. This is why we recommend taking these during suhoor so that you can make it through the day with uncompromised energy!

Keep Your Spirits High

If you go into Ramadan while thinking about surviving it, you’ve got it all wrong. Get your basics right and get into the true spirit of Ramadan without thinking of it as a burden. Don’t panic while you are fasting. Remember, the more you feel the heat, the more it will be difficult. Instead, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm. It is the month of blessings. Fast peacefully, and reap the blessings of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the month of blessings and Ramadan 2021 is also during the advent of summer. This makes it important that you keep yourself hydrated, nourish your body, feed your soul, beat the heat and keep cool using these tips and tricks.

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