3 Ways CBD Can Support Healthy Heart

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death among men and women in the US. Did you know that every 36 seconds a person dies due to cardiovascular disease in the State alone? This statistic is alarming! Heart diseases are a result of the inefficient working of the cardiovascular system due to the hardening of the blood vessels and plaque accumulation over time. 

This medical health condition can be treated and medical professionals all across the globe work tirelessly to prevent patients from suffering fatal strokes and heart attacks. Like every other medication, the treatment options and medication for heart patients come with a long list of side effects that may mature into other health complications later in life. 

This makes opting for a healthy, natural, and herbal alternate the safest option. 

Benefits of CBD

Sourced from the cannabis plant, CBD is an all-natural non-intoxicating component of the plant that has similar properties to the ECS found in our bodies that controls the mood, appetite, sleep, temperature levels, and more. This helps create an equilibrium in the body’s inner environment and helps it function optimally. Although CBD does not work directly with the heart and the cardiovascular system, it is seen to have positive effects and helps maintain a healthy heart. 

CBD products have stolen the show over the last decade especially in North America. This is primarily because scientific research has discovered a long list of ailments that CBD can be useful for, especially when it comes to CBD and heart health. As a result, the CBD market has grown tremendously. 

Today, it is being integrated into various day-to-day products to boost health and improve immunity. Additionally, online CBD stores and retail shops have surfaced. Consequently, people are ditching medicine as their first line of defense and are opting for this botanical alternative.

CBD and Heart Health 

While the research on CBD in regards to heart health is limited, early studies show the following benefits that CBD may potentially bring to heart patients. 

  • Heart Arrhythmias

Irregular heartbeats or heart arrhythmias occur when electrical impulses in the body try to coordinate your heartbeats when they are not functioning as they should be. The result? It may beat slower, faster, or irregularly. Although some types of heart arrhythmias are harmless, others might be fatal. 

CBD heart health benefits include the positive effects of CBD on arrhythmias. CBD lowers ventricular arrhythmias and has cardioprotective effects on heart health. Thus proving its potential to have an antiarrhythmic effect. 

  • Lowered Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can have detrimental effects on your body before you even start to feel the symptoms. Caused by hypertension, it can damage and narrow the arteries due to high pressure which may lead to aneurysms, if not addressed on time. High blood pressure may also be the underlying reason behind an enlarged heart and eventually a heart attack as it is forced to pump harder. 

CBD and heart health go hand in hand. As lowering your blood pressure is crucial for reducing your risk of heart disease, CBD can prove to be quite helpful in that aspect. It can lower blood pressure by widening blood vessels and easy flow of blood, as seen in this study

  • Reducing Inflammation

The effects of CBD for inflammation have already been observed for health issues such as multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Similarly, CBD can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to the inflammation of the heart and the cardiovascular system. 

Possessing anti-inflammatory properties, CBD or cannabidiol has shown exceptional results that were even better than Omega-3 and vitamin C in a study conducted by Imperial College London. As a result, the inflammation was diminished by approximately 50%. That’s huge! 

Healthy Heart Is Now Within Reach 

Opting for CBD is a smart choice for those who want to give the natural route a try. Using CBD for heart health can be tricky, just like any other medication. The perfect dose may vary from person to person. It is always advised that you consult your healthcare practitioner before introducing CBD to your body especially if you’re suffering from a heart ailment and are already taking medication to avoid complications.
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